Recombinant Human Carbonic Anhydrase 7/CA7 (C-6His)

Cat.No.: C111

Recombinant Human Carbonic Anhydrase 7 (C-6His)
Recombinant Human Carbonic Anhydrase 7 is produced by our E.coli expression system and the target gene encoding Met1-Ala264 is expressed with a 6His tag at the C-terminus.
Accession #:P43166
Known as:Carbonic Anhydrase 7; Carbonate Dehydratase VII; Carbonic Anhydrase VII; CA-VII; CA7
Supplied as a 0.2 μm filtered solution of 20mM TrisHCl, 150mM NaCl, pH 8.0 .
Quality Control
Purity:Greater than 95% as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE.
Endotoxin:Less than 0.1 ng/µg (1 EU/µg) as determined by LAL test.
Store at < -20°C, stable for 6 months after receipt.
Please minimize freeze-thaw cycles.
Carbonic Anhydrase 7 (CA7) is a member of the alpha-carbonic anhydrase family. Alpha-carbonic anhydrase is a large family of zinc metalloenzymes that catalyze the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, Alpha-carbonic anhydrase is associated with many biological processes, including calcification, respiration, bone resorption, acid-base balance and the formation of aqueous humor. CA7 is activated by histamine, L-adrenaline, L- and D-histidine, and L- and D-phenylalanine, but it is inhibited coumarins, sulfonamide derivatives such as acetazolamide (AZA) by saccharin and Foscarnet.

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